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Our Services

Saunders Insurance Solutions offers individual and group insurances from leading insurance providers such as United Health Care, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Aetna, Coventry, Assurant, Humana, American General and any others we feel will best serve the needs of our clients. 

Below we have some of the other services we offer along with or separate from major medical insurance. 

Life Insurance

Children have 4 constants in their lives: Mom, Dad, home and school.  When they lose one parent and there is not adequate life insurance, they often lose their home and then their school.  This leaves a child grieving the loss of a parent without the support of their friends and teachers they need to help them through the situation.  Please let us review your current insurance and see if your most precious treasures will be financially stable when you are no longer with them.

Critical Illness

Critical illness medical insurance and cancer insurance policies provide income during the event of a critical illness. This means that if you get diagnosed with a critical illness such as heart disease or cancer (C.I. covers over 10 illnesses) then you will be paid a lump sum to cover your deductibles and expenses. The money can be used any way you wish, whether you want to pay your bills directly, explore alternative therapies for your condition that are not typically covered by insurance or hire a specialist medical caregiver.

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Accidental Insurance

There really is no telling when something could happen to you that leaves you needing medical attention or unable to work. Personal accident insurance waives most or all of your deductible if you are injured due to an accident. This is especially beneficial for those with high deductible health insurance plans, and for families with very active or adventurous kids.  We specialize in designing insurance solutions where you owe a max of $0-$250 because of accidents.

Dental Insurance

Choice of any dentist, including your current one

  • No waiting period on basic and preventative dental services

  • Wellness and preventative covered in full on day one

  • Cash benefits paid directly to you or your dentist, your choice

  • Benefits are paid even if the services are covered by other insurance

  • No networks, no deductibles, no co-pays, no co-insurance

  • Our affordable dental insurance plans start as low as $15 a month. You could even combine policies to tack on our exclusive 40% off discount.* Now that’s something to smile about?