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Why You Need to Read Your Insurance Policy

By Shane Saunders | Mar 2, 2018

We’ve all been there. We get the notifications and the huge multiple page policy from our insurance carrier and we put it in our filing cabinet and forget about it. The problem comes when a health issue crops up. Do you know whether or not that health issue is covered? Do you need a referral…

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What’s New This Open Enrollment?

By Shane Saunders | Nov 7, 2017

Several things have changed for this Open Enrollment Period. The biggest change for this Open Enrollment is that Open Enrollment is much shorter this year. The last day of Open Enrollment so that you can have a major medical ACA plan will be December 15th. Some individuals will be able to change plans or move…

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Changes to the Affordable Care Act

By Shane Saunders | May 18, 2017

While many of us have been watching congress to see if ACA (the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare) would be repealed, some changes have already been put into effect with the issuance of Market Stabilization Rules by HHS. Here are a few highlights that you need to know. #1 There will be a shorter Open…

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By Shane Saunders | Mar 8, 2017

With the election of President Trump we have new insurance options being considered. Go to to look at new plans to see how much money you can save. Here are articles to look at for up to date information on what changes are being proposed:

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10 Health Insurance Tips to Save Your Bottom Line

By Shane Saunders | Nov 13, 2014

10 Health Insurance Tips to Save Your Bottom Line   Only use if you qualify for a large enough subsidy to make it worth the risks Do NOT use a navigator!!! Know the BENEFITS and the HOLES in your plan Understand Qualified Life Events and how to use them to your advantage Don’t be afraid…

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By Shane Saunders | Oct 26, 2014

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